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Ghost in Shell Single out in June
Today marks Maaya's 35th birthday, and this year looks to be a very busy one for her! Victor Ent / flying dog announced details on a single for the upcoming Ghost in the Shell Arise: Alternative Architecture anime. Part of the announcement included news that Maaya will also be performing the theme song for a new Ghost in the Shell movie coming out in June. Maaya is reprising her role as Motoko Kusanagi in the new movie. The theme song will be the b-side track on the single.

Track List:
  1. Anata wo Tamotsu Mono
  2. Mada Ugoku
New Song for Ghost in the Shell
Arise: Alternative Architecture

Another big announcement for Maaya's 20th anniversary is that she will be performing the opening theme song for the upcoming Ghost in the Shell Arise: Alternative Architecture anime. This is a remixed version of GitS Arise with two additional episodes for TV broadcast in Japan. Maaya is working with Cornelius, who is the composer for the show's soundtrack. No other info has been posted, but flying dog will probably release a single in the Spring.
20th Anniversary Tribute Album out April
It has been a while since my last update, and there's actually been lots of news related to Maaya's 20th anniversary. Victor Ent. / flying dog has been posting announcements on this special mini-site. The first big news is the 20th Anniversary Tribute Album "Request" coming out in April. This is a collection of covers of various Maaya songs. Some of the singers include Sugizo and Akino Arai. I wish Steve Conte was also involved, but oh well.

I've posted details on the tribute album below. As usual there will be both regular and limited editions. The LE will include a second cd with the original versions of songs performed by Maaya.

"Request" Regular Edition

"Request" Limited Edition Track List:
  1. Yakusoku wa Iranai  (the band apart)
  2. Uchuu Hikoushi no Uta  (KIRINJI)
  3. Triangler  (Mayu Watanabe)
  4. Ame ga Furu  (TRUSTRICK)
  5. Bike  (SUGIZO feat. IA)
  6. Saigo no Kajitsu  (Sachiko Suzuki)
  7. Hikari Are  (Tomita Lab feat. Emi Meyer)
  8. Platinum  (Negicco)
  9. Kiseki no Umi  (Akino Arai)
  10. Afternoon Repose
    (Rasmus Faber feat.Frida)
  11. Pocket wo Kara ni shite
    (Magokoro Brothers)
PV Clip for 25th Single
On Christmas, flying dog posted a promo video clip for Maaya's upcoming single. This PV is of the first song titled "Shiawase ni Tsuite Watashi ga Shitteiru Itsutsu no Houhou". Hopefully they post samples of the other two songs soon. Happy New Year and enjoy the clip!

25th New Single for Koufuku Graffiti
It has been a long time since my last post, but I have a nice update for Maaya fans today. Flying dog announced details of Maaya's 25th single, which will be out early next year and include 3 new songs. The main track is the opening theme song for the upcoming anime Koufuku Graffiti. The second track is the theme song for the new Fate/Grand Order game coming out for smartphones and tablets next year (official game site).

The limited edition of the single will include a dvd. Back when Maaya released her last single Replica, she recorded a short studio performance which was streamed online. The limited edition dvd will include the video of that performance. Here are the usual details.

Regular Edition

Limited Edition Track List:
  1. Shiawase ni Tsuite Watashi ga Shitteiru Itsutsu no Houhou
    • Lyrics: Yuho Iwasato
    • Composition: Ramsus Faber
  2. Shikisai
    • Lyrics: Maaya Sakamoto
    • Composition: la la larks
    • Strings Arrangement: Ryo Eguchi & Toru Ishidzuka
  3. Kimi no Sukija Hito
    • Lyrics: Maaya Sakamoto
    • Composition: Kent Ohgiya
  4. Shiawase ni Tsuite Watashi ga Shitteiru Itsutsu no Houhou (instrumental)
  5. Shikisai (instrumental)
Limited Edition DVD Track List:
  1. Tegami
  2. Afternoon Repose
  3. Okaerinasai
Replica PV Clip
Victor Ent. / flying dog just posted an short clip of Maaya's Replica promo video on her official Youtube channel. I think she looks amazing in this video. Watch it and I'm sure you will agree. Unfortunately the full PV isn't included with the limited edition of the single. Well I anticipate a new album 1st quarter next year (maybe sooner), so there's the possibility of another PV dvd/blu-ray release with the next album.

Replica Single Audio & Video Clips
It's just under a month until Maaya's new single comes out, but sometimes the wait seems like forever. Thankfully here are some sample clips fans can check out while waiting. Victor Ent. / flying dog posted audio clips of both the main song and c/w track on their site. They also uploaded a new promo video of M3: Sono Kuroki Hagane to Youtube, which plays Replica in the background. Speaking of the anime, the new opening sequence started airing and so I've also embedded a video of that as well.

New Single for M3: Sono Kuroki Hagane
The past several months have been very quiet for Maaya news. Thankfully Victor Ent. posted info on Maaya's latest single which is coming out in August. The feature track is the second opening theme song for the anime show M3: Sono Kuroki Hagane. She is working with a Japanese band called androp for the song.

For the second track, Maaya is once again collaborating with the band apart. She previously worked with them on the song "Saved". There will be a limited edition of the single, which will include a few tracks from one of Maaya's concerts earlier this year. I've posted the tracklist and preorder links below.


Replica Limited Edition Track List:
  • Replica
    • Lyrics: Maaya Sakamoto
    • Composition: Takahito Uchisawa
    • Arrangement: Takahito Uchisawa & Toru Ishitsuka
  • Coming Up
    • Lyrics: Maaya Sakamoto
    • Composition: Hara Masakazu
    • Arrangement: Hara Masakazu
  • Replica (instrumental)
  • Coming Up (instrumental)
Limited Edition Bonus CD Track List:
  1. Platinum
  2. Be Mine
  3. Neko to Inu
  4. Singer-Songwriter
Saved / Be Mine! Cover Art & Video Clips
Victor Ent. / flying dog posted an update on their web site with cover art for Maaya's upcoming single. There isn't much variation between the two different covers and they look almost the same to me. However, there should be an opposite side with different artwork from the two separate anime shows. The tracks are still identical and the only big difference is between regular and limited editions. See my post below for more details and preorder links.

There are also a couple videos Victor Ent. uploaded to YouTube. One is a 30 second commercial for Saved, and the other is a promo video clip of Be Mine! I've embedded both below, and also a third promo video for Seikai Seifuku ~ Boryaku no Zvezda which plays Be Mine! in the background. Enjoy the videos and Merry Christmas everyone!

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