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Where to Buy Maaya Sakamoto CDs

CD Japan

(on-line store based in Japan)

(on-line anime store in the US)
(another US based on-line store)
(Japanese branch of
Maaya Sakamoto Sites

Maaya's Official Homepage
(on Victor Japan's site)
(unofficial fanclub / message board)
(fan translations of interviews, essays, etc.)
Yoko Kanno Sites

A Gabriela Robin Site
(great fansite for Kanno related news)
Yoko Kanno Database
(not updated anymore, but still good source for Kanno and Maaya info)
The Yoko Kanno Project
(one of the first English Kanno sites)
Other Related Sites

Tsubasa no Kami
(excellent Escaflowne movie fansite!)
Escaflowne Compendium
(great resource for Escaflowne info)